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December 29, 2023

Offering Legal Guidance As You Plan for Your Future

As you think about the future, one detail you might consider is how to ensure your loved ones get the items you want them to have when you’re no longer here. This is especially important if you own valuable assets that will benefit your family.

Fortunately, writing a last will allows you to specify who your beneficiaries are and which belongings they should get. If you’re thinking about creating an estate plan and want a will as part of it, contact Brighter Day℠ Law for legal guidance from experienced lawyers.

What Is a Will?

Before you determine if you need a will, make sure you know what its purpose is. A last will and testament is a document you and your lawyer create to determine how your assets are handled after you pass away. So, if you want to leave your house, car, jewelry, artwork, and household belongings to specific people or organizations, writing a will is the simplest way. 

However, wills have additional purposes. For instance, you can designate a personal representative to settle your estate, ensuring the terms of your will are adhered to during probate. A will is especially helpful if you have children who are minors, as you can use this document to designate a guardian to take care of your children after you pass away. If you want to find out how a will could benefit you, contact our Colorado Springs, CO law firm to talk to a wills attorney. 

What Should You Know About Wills Before You Make One?

If you’re thinking about adding a will to your estate plan, it’s helpful to know the requirements to ensure it’s valid. First, you must be at least 18 to create a will in Colorado. Additionally, the document must be in writing, either typed out or handwritten. 

Once you write your will, you must sign it. If you’re unable to sign it, you can give someone else permission to sign it on your behalf, but they must do so in front of you. You also need to have two witnesses or a notary public present while signing the document.

Before you meet with a lawyer to make your will, you should list your estate assets and know which beneficiary should inherit each one. You should also know who your personal representative and child’s guardian will be. Make sure they’re aware of your plans to include them in your will so they know what to expect after you pass away. 

An experienced Colorado Springs wills lawyer can guide you through drafting this document. However, planning ahead can help the process go more smoothly, so first consider how you want to distribute your wealth. Then meet with a skilled attorney to create the legal documents you need to plan your estate. 

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