Colorado Springs Adoption Attorney

Colorado Springs Adoption Attorney

Brighter Day Law’s Adoptions Attorney Can Help You Adopt a Child in El Paso County, Teller County, Pueblo County, and Throughout Colorado

Are you thinking of adoption? Adoption is a wonderful way for you to affirm your love, commitment, and dedication to a child – one that may not even have a biological connection to you. With adoption, you can become the legal parent of a child and formally – in the eyes of the law – undertake and be responsible for the personal, emotional, and financial well-being of that child. The process can be complex, however, but a Colorado Springs adoption attorney can help you gather the evidence and documentation needed to file a petition so that you can initiate the process of adoption. Our adoption attorneys can also help you manage and complete all of the legal requirements that are required of you before you can become the legal adoptive parent of a child. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation.

Our Colorado Springs Adoption Attorney Can Help Prove Your Eligibility for Adoption

The first step in the adoption process is determining whether you have the legal grounds required for adoption. To adopt a child in Colorado, you must be at least 21 years old. There are certain background checks you must also pass, and you must have a clean record as well – one that is free of conviction of specific crimes that relate to family members. You must also be able to prove adequate financial stability or income before adopting someone. Proof of a stable residence in Colorado – either rented or owned – is also required.

There are certain documents that will be required by the court to prove that you are eligible for adopting a child. Brighter DaySM Law’s Colorado Springs adoption attorney can help you gather this paperwork and provide it to the relevant agencies so that you can initiate the adoption process.

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Understanding Who May Be Adopted in Colorado

The Colorado Statutes outline who may be adopted in Colorado. Anyone who is under the age of 18, is present in Colorado when the adoption petition is filed (or is under the jurisdiction of a Colorado court for at least six months) is eligible for adoption in Colorado. In some cases, individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 may also be adopted.

Any child that meets these requirements can be adopted in Colorado. These rules apply to your stepchildren, grandchildren, other relatives, non-relative children you know and may wish to adopt, and non-relative children who are offered for adoption by their legal parents (biological parents or adoptive parents can both offer their children for adoption).

How a Colorado Springs Adoption Attorney Can Help

The family law and adoptions attorney at Brighter DaySM Law can help you navigate every step of the adoption process. Having the expert guidance of our Colorado Springs adoption attorney can ensure that you not only complete all of the legal steps for successfully adopting a child but that you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can delay your case.

This means our team will help with gathering and filing all of the relevant paperwork required for filing an adoption petition, and we will represent you in any court hearings and/or appointments that come up throughout your case. We also manage or act as liaisons for adoption cases between private parties such as would-be adoptive parents and parents who are looking to have their child adopted. Before your case proceeds, we can provide you with unfettered access to the health records of the child in question, and we will answer any legal questions and handle any unexpected issues in your case until you successfully adopt your child.

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Time that passes can never be recovered, and many would-be adoptive parents wait extensive amounts of time waiting to adopt. This applies to adoptive parents wishing to adopt children already in their care as well as parents looking to adopt a new child. At Brighter DaySM Law, our approach to adoption is to carefully review each case to make sure all legal requirements are met and that a solid case for adoption is put forth so that we can try to have your petition processed and approved as quickly as possible.

Brighter Day Law’s Adoptions Attorney Is Just a Call Away

The Colorado Springs adoption attorney at Brighter DaySM has helped countless families – from adoptive parents to parents providing their children for adoption – find the children and families that make the process of adoption work for everyone. Whether you are looking to adopt a relative, a loved one in your care, or an unrelated child that is offered for adoption, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the process and to get started with an adoption petition.

Frequently Asked Questions Faced By Adoptions Attorneys in Colorado

Are adoption and guardianship the same thing?

No, they are not. If you file for the guardianship of a child, you can assume the responsibility of taking care of the child in question. However, the biological parents (or the parents who have legal rights over the child) still retain those rights. With adoption, however, the biological or legal parents of a child relinquish those rights to the new adoptive parents and cannot take them back (unless they file a new petition of their own, which would initiate the adoption process once more on their behalf).

Can stepparents and grandparents adopt their stepchildren and grandchildren?

Yes, they can. Stepparents are sometimes given full parental rights of the children in their care if the child’s biological parents relinquish their rights or have their parental rights terminated by a court. Grandparents can assume the same rights, although it is not uncommon for grandparents to instead file for parenting time or visitation rights for a child instead of outright custody, depending on the case.

Do adopted children inherit from their adoptive parents or their biological parents?

Your biological children and adoptive children are equals in the sight of the law and both inherit from their parents according to the law irrespective of whether they are your biological or adoptive children.

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