Colorado Springs Alimony Lawyer

Colorado Springs Alimony Lawyer

Dedicated Family Law Attorneys Help Clients Seek Alimony and Spousal Maintenance in El Paso County, Teller County, Pueblo County, and Throughout Colorado

Alimony is a court-ordered financial payment that one spouse makes to the other during the divorce process, and sometimes, for a period after. For divorcing couples, it is important to engage in a respectful and dignified process that symbolizes the end of a chapter of sharing a life together. Couples often find that money is the root of most of their marital issues. Unfortunately, divorce doesn’t end money issues and can make things worse, especially if one spouse is financially dependent on the other. In Colorado, divorce law enables separating couples to maintain a lifestyle similar to that which was enjoyed during the marriage with neither party having a greater right to that lifestyle. The law may, therefore, order spouses to pay alimony during divorce proceedings, separation, and subsequent to the final divorce judgment. If you have questions about your rights or obligations under alimony, contact our law firm to schedule a case evaluation with a Colorado Springs alimony lawyer who can help.

At Brighter Day℠ Law, our experienced family law attorneys put clients first. We’ll sit down with you and learn about your unique circumstances. We’re proud to offer individualized, creative solutions to our clients’ family law and divorce issues, including those surrounding alimony/spousal maintenance. With countless satisfied clients, we have the proven track record of success you need to achieve your goals.

Types Of Alimony Available In Colorado

Under Colorado law, spouses may be entitled to seek two different kinds of spousal maintenance (or alimony): 

  • Statutory maintenance: This is generally awarded by a judge at the hearing when he or she gives permanent orders and the marriage is dissolved, or when a couple legally separates.
  • Contractual and non-modifiable maintenance: This non-modifiable contract is agreed upon independently (meaning outside of the courts) between divorcing parties. When a couple enters into this kind of agreement, a court of law cannot amend it – even if it seems unfair later on.

The term or duration of alimony will depend on a couple’s unique set of circumstances, including: 

  • Alimony for Lengthy Marriages: Often called Alimony for Life, a spouse can be awarded spousal maintenance for the rest of their life if their marriage lasted over twenty years.
  • Alimony for Short Marriages: Even though the state’s spousal support term guideline does not include marriages lasting fewer than three years, that does not preclude a judge from awarding spousal support to someone after only a year or two of marriage anyway.
  • Temporary Maintenance: Temporary maintenance (also known as separation alimony) can be granted if one spouse cannot financially support themselves while the divorce is pending. A judge can therefore order the higher-earning spouse to pay spousal maintenance on a temporary basis during this time.

Not all of these alimony options will be appropriate for your divorce. A Colorado Springs alimony lawyer who understands the nuances of the law can help you protect your interests in the divorce process and help you get the appropriate spousal maintenance arrangement to meet your needs.

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Our Colorado Springs Divorce Attorneys Will Fight To Help You Secure An Alimony/Spousal Maintenence Arrangement That Is Fair For You

At Brighter Day℠ Law, we understand there are challenges and uncertainties in moving forward and beginning a new chapter in your life. 

If you are looking to receive spousal maintenance, a dedicated Colorado Springs alimony lawyer from our legal team will work to ensure you receive an order of support that recognizes your contributions to the marriage, and to the family, that will allow you to support yourself until you can secure the means to live independently and self-sufficiently. 

In the event that you are being asked to pay alimony or spousal maintenance, our attorneys will help to confirm that your obligation is one you can afford and is reasonably respective to the life and expenses that were enjoyed and shared during your marriage.

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At Brighter Day℠ Law, we understand that issues surrounding alimony/spousal maintenance are delicate matters that have consequences on your family. Our attorneys are mindful of the ramifications and have experience in these matters in order to guide you through the process. We treat you with compassion and respect and will help you if you are seeking alimony in your divorce action. 

We are here to support you through the difficulties and nuances of a divorce and will fight for your rights and interests every step of the way. Contact Brighter Day℠ Law today to schedule a case evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alimony/Spousal Support in Colorado

FAQ: How is alimony calculated in Colorado?

In Colorado, both the actual compensatory amount and the length of time alimony is paid out is determined by weighing various factors including earning capacities, debts, and assets of the spouses, expenses, health conditions, quality of lifestyle experienced during the marriage, length of the marriage, each spouse’s responsibilities for raising and caring for children, and whether one spouse contributed to the educational and professional advancement of the other spouse.

FAQ: I believe that my ex has moved in with a new partner. Can I seek to terminate my alimony obligation?

Alimony is based on economic factors, not necessarily personal ones. Given that, if a spouse has moved in with a new romantic partner, the court may use that as a basis to find sufficient changed circumstances to warrant modification, termination, or the suspension of alimony, especially if cohabitation is included in the postnuptial agreement or court’s alimony award as a basis for modification or settlement. 

At Brighter Day℠ Law, we understand that this is a challenging time to navigate, and we are here to help you. We can talk about defenses if you are the cohabitor or strategies if you are the payor. An experienced Colorado Springs alimony lawyer from our firm will work for you and help ensure your best interests are protected. Contact us today.

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