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If you’re preparing to divorce your spouse and you have minor children, child support will be a major legal issue to address. You’ll need to ensure that the amount of child support you collect or pay is fair and adheres to the Tennessee child support guidelines, which can be difficult to determine alone. 

An experienced child support attorney with knowledge of Nashville child support laws can help with this aspect of your case, so contact Brighter Day℠ Law for legal representation. When you hire a lawyer to handle your child support matters, you’ll avoid making costly mistakes in your case as you seek a child support order that works for your family.

How Do Nashville Courts Calculate Child Support? 

Calculating the amount the child support payments will be is an important start to your case. Whether you’re the custodial parent who will receive financial support or the non-custodial parent who will pay child support, knowing how much to expect can help with financial planning. 

Your Nashville, TN child support attorney will ensure you understand the Tennessee child support guidelines and show you a child support calculator to estimate payments. It’s also helpful to know that the Davidson County Circuit Court considers the following factors when calculating the child support amount:

  • Each parent’s income 
  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • How many other children the parent supports
  • The cost of daycare, tuition, or extracurricular activities 
  • The cost of health insurance and extra medical costs for the child

Your Nashville child support attorney will help you navigate the Davidson County Circuit Court during your case. If you have questions about what child support payments can be spent on or concerns about the court order, contact our Nashville, TN law firm to hire an experienced child support attorney.

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How Are Nashville Child Support Orders Enforced? 

If your spouse was ordered to pay child support and is behind on payments, the court system in Nashville, TN has several child support enforcement techniques. They include:

  • Garnishing income 
  • Taking tax refunds
  • Placing liens on property 
  • Revoking professional licenses and driver’s licenses
  • Reporting past-due child support to credit agencies
  • Filing a contempt petition

In some cases, the contempt petition can end up in the Davidson County Criminal Court, leading to jail time until the payments are current. If you’re dealing with child support issues of this kind, a child support lawyer in Nashville, TN will help. When you call our law office, you can speak to a skilled child support attorney with experience taking on child support cases for parents who need the money their children are entitled to. Contact our Nashville office to discuss your child support issues with caring lawyers. 

How Does Child Support Modification Work? 

If you’re struggling to pay your court-ordered child support, help is available. Do not just stop making payments or you could be in trouble with the Davidson County Criminal Court. Instead, hire a Tennessee child support lawyer for help requesting modified child support. 

If a recent change in income makes it impossible for you to pay child support, let your attorney know this as soon as possible. An experienced child support attorney can prove to the court that you do not have the money to pay, whether due to job loss or reduced hours at work. 

Some parents can’t afford to pay as much child support due to increased necessary expenses, such as a new baby. If your Tennessee child support lawyer can help you prove that you need to change the child support amount by more than 15%, you may be able to lower it. 

Similarly, if you’re a custodial parent who needs more child support due to the increasing costs of raising your child, let a Tennessee child support lawyer help you petition the court to modify payments. Contact our Nashville office to discuss your case.

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How Can Nashville Child Support Lawyers Assist You? 

If you have child support issues, contact our Nashville office to talk to caring, experienced lawyers. We have handled numerous Tennessee child support cases, so we’re confident we can assist with your legal issue, whether it involves child support calculation, enforcement, or modification. 

At Brighter Day℠ Law, our TN lawyers have years of experience helping parents understand state guidelines, complete legal paperwork, and prepare for court hearings. When you seek help from our Nashville lawyers, we will fight on your behalf to get the results you deserve. Call our Nashville, TN law firm at (615) 437-8808 to discuss your legal issue with a caring attorney. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Child Support and Child Support Attorney Services

How are child support payments enforced?

There are several ways you can enforce court ordered child support payments. Because child support is a court order, failure to follow that court order is contempt. Parents who are able and refuse to make court ordered child support payments can be put in jail. They can also be fined. A parent who takes a non-paying parent to court to enforce a child support order, may also receive any attorney fees and expenses incurred as part of the judgment. A non-paying parent’s wages can be garnished and bank accounts can be levied. 

Are taxes owed on child support payments?

No. As per the guidelines of the IRS, custodial parents do not pay federal taxes on child support payments they receive from a non-custodial parent, and the non-custodial parent is not allowed to deduct those payments from their income. This is different from how federal taxes are levied on alimony payments. Alimony payments are treated as taxable income by the recipient and are deductible by the payer. State taxes, however, may be levied on child support payments, so speak with our child support attorney for a detailed explanation of the rules that apply to your case and your responsibilities.

When do child support payments begin, and where must they be paid?

Child support payments start accruing as soon as the child’s parents physically separate. Support payments can be made directly to the other parent, paid through the central receiving unit maintained by the State, or any other method to which both parents agree.

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