divorce someone in prison

How Do I Divorce Someone In Prison?

Divorcing a spouse who is currently in jail or prison can be challenging, however, it’s possible. If you need to divorce your spouse because of

getting a divorce with children

Getting a Divorce with Children

Did you know that couples are at the highest risk of divorce within the first seven years of marriage? Hence, more than 1 million kids

mediation for parents

Mediation for Divorcing Parents

Divorces are never really easy. They are physically, financially, and emotionally taxing affairs. Add to that the involvement of legal advisors and court hearings, the

High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is not easy. It is a difficult process wherein you will have to make tough decisions that will determine your

Child Custody in Colorado
Child Custody

How Is Child Custody Determined In Colorado?

Since 1999 Colorado has dropped the usage of the term ‘child custody’ from its legal dictionary and instead prefers to use the term ‘parental responsibility’