Client Success Stories

I am so grateful for Angela Jones and her team helping me with my child custody case. My previous attorney left me feeling lost and uninformed and I did not feel like they had my child’s best interest in mind. However, all that changed when I started working with Angela. I receive continual updates from Angela and her team regarding my case and prompt replies when I have questions and/or concerns. Angela is knowledgeable and professional, and I appreciate her straight-forward and direct nature. Angela truly listens and guides me and, ultimately empowered me by allowing me to take ownership in my case.

On a more personal note, Angela called one night to discuss my case and it just so happened I was struggling to get my daughter in bed. Angela is also a mother so we both got a good laugh about the struggles and joys of parenting and a couple days later I received a fun-loving book with a note of encouragement- that small gesture meant the world to me.

Angela and her team gave me the peace of mind I was lacking before in my case- I whole-heartedly recommend the team at Brighter Day℠ Law!

— Jacqueline T.

Angela and her team are wonderful to work with and have done an outstanding job representing us on our case. Angela is caring, knowledgeable and understanding in giving us the legal advice we need. Her whole team is prompt to respond to questions and concerns. We highly recommend Angela and the whole Brighter Day℠ Law staff!

— Phyllis M.

Angela and her staff are THE best lawyers in town. I have worked with other attorneys. The other attorneys left me feeling disappointed, lost, and that I was simply a paycheck to them… then I found Brighter Day℠ Law. LIFE CHANGING!

Angela and all of her team at Brighter Day℠ Law have made me feel like family since day one. I have a tribe of people looking out for me and my son. Such a blessing! Custody battles are tough. That will never change, but It gives me peace of mind and I can rest well knowing Angela and her team have my back. Everyone there sincerely cares for me and my kiddo. I have so much gratitude for this group. I have happily referred her to my friends who have needed similar help. Thank you Angela and team for everything you’ve done for me and my family. Wishing you all many blessings back.

— Sarah S.

Should you find yourself facing a divorce you want someone on your side who will take the emotion out of the equation and ensure your best interests are taken care of. The folks at Brighter Day℠ Law are that “someone”. They were extremely professional, courteous and thoughtful on my needs (including the many things I hadn’t thought of) and helped me get through this extremely difficult process with compassion and empathy. They came recommended by a friend who’ll never pay for a beer again when he asks for one around me. His recommendation was fantastic! Thank you, Brighter Day℠ Law!

— Terry L.

Brighter Day℠ Law was recommended to me by a friend who promised that I would be extremely satisfied with their performance. Over the past year that has been proven many times over.

From the receptionist and office staff to the paralegals and lawyer Angela Jones, I have received the utmost in personalized care and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done to further my case and protect my assets.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of an outstanding legal team.

— John K.

My legal journey started in 2018 with a contentious and highly litigated divorce not fully completed until 2020 in Pueblo, CO. What I do know is an ongoing legal process can change you from the inside out. I made that change toward more purpose, contentment and accomplishment in all areas of my life. I searched for months to find an attorney specifically for my legal case which was complex without children but facing an ex-husband and opposing counsel that were essentially stuck on their positions and unmovable as well as a very complex marital estate.

I found Angela Jones. I liked her professional demeanor of course but her direct nature and her strategic mind was most notable. When the process such as mine proceeds; long and arduous, I got to know Angela better and knew she would go the extra mile above and beyond representing my interests. I didn’t understand the entire legal process all the time but I have to say there is a moment when one chooses to trust in who is representing you and allow them to do their job. In some ways it’s a lot like taking your hands off a problem and allowing someone else to manage and figure out how to solve it. Angela knows family law. The difference is Angela uses the law to represent the needs of her clients for their betterment and for the long term. She is able to see the horizon of what someone’s future life can be filled with contentment and success. She will deal with any immediate legal issues that always arise However, she took the care and interest to understand what drives me, what my fears are, and what my goals are for my life. There were many times proven over and over that Angela knew what those crucial elements for my life were even before I did. I realized many times my role was to provide documentation, background, and prepare myself to be directed by Angela during legal proceedings.

My ex-husband had three different attorney’s representing him during the start to finish. Angela outpaced and held her legal ground with all of them. She really does know family law. She knows when to press hard, when to wait, when to move in a different direction, when not to argue with opposing counsel (which is most of the time) despite their one side arguments with her. Believe me, one side arguments don’t last too long.

I would not have prevailed during the legal process of divorce. Everyone says, “its all equitable division”. In my case, it was legal equitable division but it was certainly not all together equal division. Upon which I am forever grateful for Angela Jones and Brighter Day℠ Law.

— Cooper C.

Angela Jones did an outstanding job of handling my divorce proceedings. She is very responsive and always remembers everything about my case. Additionally, she thinks ahead and is able to solve a lot of problems before they happen. Highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again. Her office staff is also reliable and efficient.

— Lenny R.

I am so grateful for Beth who was my lawyer for my divorce and child custody. Whenever I was upset about something going on she would talk to me and we would make a plan on how to move forward. She was caring and understanding about the difficulties that come with these types of situations. I always found that the questions I was asking answers for was never viewed as a dumb question. Beth fought for me and I will forever be grateful for her. As a whole, the law office works hard for their clients. They were understanding when I was having struggles.

— Amanda C.

Brighter Day℠ Law is an outstanding firm. Angela Jones is an extremely intelligent and professional attorney. She is also personable and compassionate and her advice is sound. In court, she can hold her own and will provide you with excellent representation. She has surrounded herself with a solid team of professionals. Her lead paralegal, Stephanie Bourn, is the most professional and capable paralegal in the city. I’m thankful for the advice and support I received.

— Chad G.

I’ve known Angela for a long time and think of her as a dear friend. She’s a very strong-willed individual with years of experience who understands all of the ins and outs of handling family law matters with a proven track record. Angela and everyone at the firm were highly professional and navigated my process efficiently while helping me understand all of the matters in my case. She also successfully helped my girlfriend through a much more difficult case. I completely trust her, 100%. I’d strongly recommend Angela Jones and Brighter Day℠ Law. You won’t be disappointed.

— Chris M.

I highly recommend Angela and her team at Brighter Day℠ Law! They have helped me tremendously with my divorce. I filed for divorce November of 2019 and due to COVID it was postponed through December of 2020 when it was finally final. Angela fights for what the client wants and guides you through the entire process. I am still currently going through issues with my ex, especially when it comes to our child. Angela and her team have made me feel secure in the needs of my child. They have my back. To say Brighter Day℠ Law is just my lawyer is an understatement, the have never treated me like a number or just another client. If you’re looking for someone who is going to fight for what is right, definitely look at Brighter Day℠ Law as your lawyer.

— Courtney H.

Ms. Jones and her team have been a great help. They treated me as family the moment I stepped into their office. They worked with me in understanding everything that was going on during each step of the process. If you want someone who will have your back and fight for you tooth and nail, you’ve got the right team. Their pricing is super affordable and you get more then you are paying for. The entire team is knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and meticulous in their work. They handled everything for me in my case and got me fast and favorable results. I love that they didn’t set unreasonable expectations for me, but rather kept it honest on what I could and could not expect. I never once felt like they wanted to drag the case on to get money, like I have with lawyers in the past. I love these guys and am so glad to have them in my corner. I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with family court issues of any kind.

— Shaq J.

Real people who really care! Being under an extreme amount of stress, and in need of legal guidance, I was greeted with kindness, caring and responsiveness to my needs. I am so grateful for the support Brighter Day℠ Law provided and would recommend them! Thank you!

— Rebecca H.

In short, AWESOME!! This team did everything I asked and more. Went above and beyond to keep me in the loop and elicit my input. I have dealt with multiple law firms in my life and Brighter Day℠ Law is the top FIRM! Thank you for a job well done!!

— Shawn F.

From the very beginning, Angela and her team were nothing short of amazing. The professionalism and patience they hold goes above and beyond. Through the tough process of custody and divorce, I was met with kindness and understanding. Living in Kentucky, I didn’t know the next steps to take when things took a turn for the worst, but I can’t imagine anyone else being by my side than Angela and her team. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney, and someone to show me the way, when everything felt hopeless and lost. I can’t recommend Brighter Day℠ Law enough!

— Jessica C.

I had my initial consultation with Angela regarding modification of parental responsibilities, then Beth represented me. Both women are confident, competent, and no bs. Their team is professional and responsive all around. Beth was great at explaining the process, options, and how to best proceed. She was also very easy to talk to and feel comfortable with right away. She also seems to be very well respected amongst other attorneys and the judges which was evident during waiting periods at the courthouse and when we appeared before the magistrate. I have already recommended this team and will continue to recommend them in the future.

— Jill C.

Angela Jones is a respected colleague and lawyer. I know her to be very committed to producing great results for her clients and she is a goal-getter. She respects her work and it is the driving force for her success.

— Evelyn A.

Let me first start by saying a friend of mine highly recommended Brighter Day℠ Law. I have absolutely no regrets, let me repeat that – I have absolutely NO regrets. They are extremely communicative, on top of things, and caring! They have helped me in this horrible process of divorce and I owe my world to them!!!!!!! It’s a good feeling to know that I don’t have to worry about the legalities of the divorce, and I can just focus on the healing process. If you’re reading the reviews you can stop here! Just call them – you won’t regret it!

— Christian L.

My first experience with Angela Jones was three years ago. She was a senior partner leading the family law division at one of Colorado Springs most prestigious law firms. The experience was great – with Angela at the helm it was smooth sailing. Needing representation, again I found that Angela has started her own firm, Brighter Day℠ Law. This legal team is hands-down the best in the Springs. They are extremely aggressive while maintaining unprecedented ethical integrity.

Thank you Angela, Lindsay, Shelly, and Nick!!!!

— Nathan N.

I’ve never felt so taken care of by a law firm before. From the receptionists, to the paralegals, to the attorneys, every single one of them are incredible, compassionate, and ready to help. I’m so thankful to have Brighter Day℠ Law working on my side. I’ve never felt so confident in an attorney in my life. Tremendously knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, and aggressive when needed. Only thing I regret is not hiring them sooner!

— Dianna C.

Angela was my attorney at Sanders Law Firm. She opened up her own practice (Brighter Day℠ Law). Sanders Law Firm gave me the option of getting a new attorney through them or sticking with Angela. I chose to stay with Angela.

Angela and her team worked with me on my divorce for close to one year. The divorce was very contentious and a custody battle from hell.

I was granted custody of my son during Temporary Orders and ultimately I was granted full custody and parental decision making rights of my son at Final Orders about 6 months. My ex-wife was ordered to pay child support and no alimony/ maintenance due on my end. An anomaly based on most of the stories you hear about custody battles. They were able help me prove my innocence on a few counts of contempt too.

Angela and her team were alway there when I had questions or concerns. They were very meticulous and noted all of the small details throughout the entire divorce which led to an active duty male receiving full custody of his son.

I would recommend Angela to ANYONE! My ex-wife told me the name of the attorney that she was supposedly going to use (the guy had a pretty good track record) so I set out to find a better attorney. Angela was that attorney. She always went above and beyond and set the standard for what someone would expect from their attorney.

If you want the upper hand in your divorce, or if you’re a good father who deserves to be the custodial parent of your child, you would be hard pressed to find another attorney in Colorado Springs as good as Angela.

Angela, Nick and Lindsay I really appreciate everything that you guys did for my son and I!

— NJ M.

Angela and Team are the absolute best to work with! Everyone within the office was so kind and helpful and they are the most responsive team that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They have earned a customer for life.

— Sarah H.

Brighter Day℠ Law is committed to excellence. I know that Attorney Angela Jones works tirelessly to find new and innovative ways to help her clients. She is a leader in the industry.

— Kyle K.

Never talked to an attorney, but Shelley was amazing! Even though she stated she wasn’t an attorney, just talking to her for 15m or so, I was hoping she would be my attorney if need be. If the people representing this company are anything like her then you are in good hands. Good luck in however your situations may turn out!

— Rashad R.

I have been in and out of court for a long time dealing with custody issues and always represented myself. This time around my family and I needed to relocate out of state and knew it was going to be a battle. We hired Angela Jones after she had helped out a friend of ours, and our experience was nothing short of amazing. Angela made us feel important and made sure to represent us and help us in the best way. I feel she went above and beyond our expectations. We were in and out of court so quick, unlike my previous experiences of it dragging on. We got exactly what we wanted and needed for our family and could not be happier. I highly recommend Angela Jones and will be using her again if ever needed!

— Melissa F.

I cannot even begin to express how appreciative and wowed I am by this firm! Angela Jones is by far the strongest women I ever have known and so glad she is who held my hand and pushed me when I wanted to give up. In the end, and after three years of battling, I was able to settle in my divorce with a very big win! Angela and her staff are truly amazing and it’s so hard to go through a divorce or any sort of issues that require a family law attorney, but this is the team for you and you’ll never be disappointed!! Thank you so much to Angela and her team for helping me become free of a truly difficult case and relationship!!

— Halle F.

Angela Jones and all her staff are great to work with. Her attention to details and her caring personality puts you right in a safe and comfortable place in dealing with stressful situations. She has the knowledge and the purpose to do the best job for anyone’s family law concerns. I have recommended her to several others already, as I was so happy with how she worked my concerns.

— Jill M.

Well what do you say, Angela was exceptional!

Angela and her staff stayed late one night to provide me with court documents and assist me in winning my case!

She was, unfortunately, unable to take the case due to the late timing before trial but she and her staff assisted us by providing us with documentation and also offering counseling on how to win the case.

I am very grateful and thankful for everything Angela does (and did) for us and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone that I meet.

Angela is my SO’s family attorney, and she saw us on very short notice on a matter outside of her usual fare. She took time out of her busy schedule to look over some documents and find an attorney who could take us on at such short notice. If it hadn’t been such last minute, I have no doubt that she probably would have tried to tackle our problem herself. Everyone that we encountered at the office was very professional and courteous. Would highly recommend!

— Jo H.

Angela is an incredible lawyer, one you absolutely want on your side. She is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, but will also put you in your place when needed. She is level headed and truly cares about her clients. We have been using Anglea for over 5 years and have never regretted it. Highly recommend!

— Crystal C.

Brighter Day℠ Law is focused on getting the best outcomes for their clients who are ending a bad marriage and preparing for a better future. They care about their clients and work hard to find the best solutions!

— Jennifer H.

Angela, Stephanie, and crew were excellent with my divorce… Angela especially looked out for my best interests. It was quick and relatively painless. I highly recommend them for any family law matters.

— Michael A.

I had a great experience with Brighter Day℠ Law; my paralegal Mya was very professional and very responsive. If you need legal help I highly recommend Brighter Day℠ Law.

— Rodney S.

Angela is amazing! She’s very straight forward and kind. She will always be honest with you. When you are dealing with hard things like divorce, she can be extremely helpful. I highly recommend her!!

— Erin G.

I refer all of my Colorado cases to Brighter Day℠ Law. The firm is so professional, responsive and gives high quality representation to their clients. I recommend without reservation.

— Charlotte C.

I would definitely recommend Brighter Day℠ Law for your legal matters. Stephanie and Lindy were amazing with their input, careful attentive listening, and friendly graciousness. Helpful, poised and knowledgeable, with them, you are in the best of care.

— Charllotte A.

Great firm to work with, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Questions are always addressed with respect. I appreciate everyone there.

— Jean S.

Angela and her staff worked hard for me and constantly put my best interest first. They got me better outcomes than I could have ever hoped for and I am treated like a close friend every time I see them.

— Nathan W.

Started a case for my kids and had settled in less than a years time. Very professional and worth ever penny!

— Nicholas D.

This amazing team was the so wonderful and helpful. They got me taken care of so quickly. They are so nice and go above and beyond. Very knowledgeable and full of heart! I would highly recommend if you are ever in need!

— Jessica P.

Wonderful building and wonderful people work there.

— Joshua A.

Angela is the toughest and most compassionate lawyer I’ve ever met

— Earl M.

BDL is amazing! Highly recommend

— Daniel G.

I’m so blessed to have Angela as my attorney, professional, knowledgeable, Down to earth, more than I could ask for, she goes the extra mile, her staff are the best by far! I definitely recommend this law firm. La mejor firma de abogados, recomiendo a Ángela y todo su equipo de trabajo, muy profesionales, saben las leyes muy bien y te defenderán y representarán de la mejor manera.

— Dan C.

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