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Guiding LGBTQ Clients Through the Dissolution of Marriage

Many Colorado same-sex couples were overjoyed to finally get the chance to legally marry their partner in 2014. But as many married couples have discovered, that joy doesn’t always last forever. If you’re no longer happy with your marriage, you should contact our Colorado Springs law office for legal assistance with your same-sex divorce. 

At Brighter Day℠ Law, our legal team has provided guidance to many gay, lesbian, and transgender clients ready to end their same-sex marriage in Colorado. We understand the factors that can make same-sex divorce more complicated than usual, so you can trust you’re in good hands when you hire an LGBTQ divorce attorney from our law firm.

What Factors Make Same-Sex Divorce More Complex Than Other Divorces?

While Colorado law technically treats same-sex divorce the same as traditional divorce, there are some complexities that only experienced LGBTQ divorce lawyers take into consideration. After all, same-sex marriage is relatively new, so not every divorce lawyer has handled many LGBTQ divorces yet. You need the help of a lawyer who has, because certain LGBTQ family law issues are difficult to navigate. 

For instance, when judges calculate alimony or decide how to divide marital property, they factor in the date the marriage began. For a same-sex couple, this isn’t as easy as checking the date on the marriage license, because their committed relationship may have started much earlier than when they could legally marry in 2014. It may have begun as a domestic partnership or a civil union in another state. 

It’s essential to have a lawyer who understands this and can factor it in when determining family law issues like alimony and equitable distribution of marital assets. When you hire Brighter Day℠ Law, you’ll have the help of an LGBTQ divorce lawyer ensuring you get a fair outcome as you end your marriage. 

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Our goal is to ensure your legal rights remain intact during your divorce, no matter how complex your case is. In fact, the more complicated your divorce is, the more we recommend hiring our team so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked hard for over the years. 

Our lawyers have years of experience assisting LGBTQ couples with common family law issues, including:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Spousal support

Getting legal guidance with your divorce is particularly important if you share children, own one or more houses together, or co-own a business. Figuring out how to fairly divide up the most important parts of your life can be an emotional process you shouldn’t do alone. Contact our Colorado Springs family law firm for help.

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How Is Child Custody Handled in a Same-Sex Divorce?

Custodial rights are among the most complex family law issues to figure out in any marriage. They’re especially challenging in same-sex divorce cases, where there is often only one biological parent. When this is the case, the biological mother or father of the child may try to take advantage of the parental rights they’re often automatically given. This can make it easier for them to get custody and deny you visitation rights unless you completed the second-parent adoption process before the divorce. 

However, an experienced same-sex divorce lawyer can find ways to prove you should have equal rights to the children you’ve helped raise, even as a non-biological parent. A judge will typically look at each parent’s relationship with the child, their mental and physical state, and the overall best interests of the child before determining custody arrangements. Our lawyers can help you prepare for court so the judge sees you as a responsible, caring parent who should have rights to the children after divorce, so contact us for help. 

Do You Need to Hire Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO?

Divorce can be hard on anyone, but the result of this legal process is ultimately worth it. Until that time comes, you’ll have our caring lawyers by your side, guiding you through all the steps until the dissolution of your marriage is complete and you can get a fresh start. 

At Brighter Day℠ Law, we understand how confusing and emotional it is to deal with issues like child custody, spousal support, parenting agreements, and more. You deserve to have a compassionate, helpful lawyer to turn to any time you have questions or concerns about your same-sex divorce. If you’re ready to begin this process with a skilled attorney on your side, call (719) 733-9129 for a free initial consultation. 

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