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Going through a divorce requires you to make several changes in your life, especially if you share assets and children. Not only are you legally ending your relationship, but you’re also parting with marital property and determining which parent the children will live with. These decisions can be emotional and should not be taken lightly, since the outcome will significantly affect your life. That’s why you should hire a trusted legal team to handle your family law case. 

When you come to Brighter Day℠ Law for legal support, an experienced family law attorney will provide you with answers to questions about your case as you work toward resolving divorce issues. Our attorneys have successfully finalized numerous divorce cases for clients throughout Nashville, helping with family law matters ranging from child custody to property division. Contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate family lawyer.

What Family Law Issues Can Our Nashville Attorneys Resolve? 

We understand that family-related issues come up often during divorce and legal separation, and they can be difficult to resolve on your own. That’s why we’re here for anyone struggling with family law matters in the Nashville area. From custody agreements and child support payments to domestic violence concerns, our attorneys have legal experience handling all kinds of family law complications. Our practice areas include:

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, our Davidson County attorneys are prepared to provide the legal guidance you need during your divorce or legal separation. Contact our law office today to arrange for a free initial consultation with a caring divorce attorney.

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How Do Tennessee Family Law Courts Handle Child Custody Matters? 

If you and your former spouse can’t agree on child custody arrangements, you’ll need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about parental rights in Nashville. Before you start your custody case, it’s important to know that the family law court strives to keep the child’s best interests in mind when making decisions. It also tries to ensure both parents remain in the child’s life, so joint custody is often the goal unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

During your custody case, you and the other parent must submit a parenting plan. This will outline the results each of you would like for the case, including who gets physical or legal custody. The parent with physical custody makes decisions regarding the child’s daily routine. If the parent has sole custody, they’re known as the primary residential parent since the child lives with them. The other parent is the alternative residential parent and has visitation rights to ensure they see the child often. 

The parent with legal custody makes decisions for the child regarding their education, religion, extracurricular activities, and health care. In many cases, the parents share legal custody so they both have legal rights to make decisions that affect the child, even if they don’t share physical custody. 

How Are Custody Decisions Determined?

Parents are expected to submit a parenting plan to the court so the judge knows their wishes regarding custody. However, that doesn’t mean both parents will get the results they want, especially if each one requests full physical and legal custody. Since judges typically want both parents to be involved in the child’s life, it can be challenging to get full custody unless you can prove that the child would be in danger under the care of their other parent. 

As you prepare to talk to a lawyer about your case, you should know that judges usually consider the following factors before approving the custody arrangements in parenting plans:

  • The bond between the child and each parent
  • The parent’s ability to take care of the child 
  • The physical, mental, and emotional health of each parent 
  • The child’s bonds with any siblings and extended family
  • The child’s comfort within their current community, school, and home 
  • Any history of child abuse or domestic violence by either parent
  • The child’s preference of which parent to live with, as long as they’re 12 or older

If it’s extremely important to you to be the custodial parent to your child after divorce, you need legal counsel from an experienced lawyer who has handled numerous cases like yours. At Brighter Day℠ Law, our attorneys have been representing clients in contested and uncontested divorces for years, so we know what it takes to get the best possible outcome. If you’re worried about father’s rights or have questions concerning child support and custody matters, our attorneys are happy to help you. Call our law firm to talk to a skilled lawyer about your Nashville case.

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What Should You Know About Child Support During Your Case? 

Child support is an essential part of any family law case, since children deserve to get the monetary support of their parents. In Tennessee, both parents are supposed to be financially responsible for raising their children until they reach the age of 18. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be ordered to pay equal amounts. 

In most cases, the parent the child does not live with will be ordered to send child support to the custodial parent every month. The amount they have to pay will depend on several factors, including:

  • Their income from all sources
  • The amount of time they spend with their child
  • How many children they owe child support for 
  • Extra expenses, such as health care and daycare costs

If you have questions about which parent will owe child support and how much it will be, you should talk to child support attorneys with knowledge of Nashville laws regarding family law cases. Call our office today for personal attention from caring child support attorneys eager to help with your case. 

Whether you’re just beginning the divorce process or have been dealing with your case for months, you’ve likely discovered how confusing family law is. You and your former spouse are expected to come to an agreement on how to handle numerous emotional topics, from who gets custody of the children to what to do with the marital home after divorce. If this has been challenging for you, you don’t have to handle it alone. Our attorneys are here for you. 

At Brighter Day℠ Law, our team has experience resolving every type of family law issue you’ll encounter. Whether you need help dividing real property and retirement accounts or want the advice of a lawyer regarding your child support case, we invite you to contact us. Our attorneys are proud to be part of the Tennessee Bar Association and have years of experience guiding Nashville residents through family law cases. Call us today at (615) 437-8808 to talk to a caring lawyer. 

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