Nashville Visitation Lawyer

Nashville Visitation Lawyer

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One of the most difficult issues to handle after a divorce or separation is how to handle child custody and visitation rights. The primary goal of the legal proceedings that are used to arrive at a resolution for these issues is to create and maintain a happy, healthy, and nurturing environment for the child while upholding and maintaining the rights of both the custodial and non-custodial parents. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do. A Nashville visitation lawyer with Brighter DaySM Law can help you overcome these issues and create a fair and hopefully amicable solution to the visitation challenges you face.

How Brighter Day Law Can Help

Irrespective of the nature of your case, we are here to help. Whether you are seeking more visitation time with your child or you want to amend a visitation schedule, or if you simply want to know what your options on for visitation, our parenting time attorney can help. We handle every type of case and have a strong track record of success handling family law, custody, and visitation cases throughout Tennessee. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and to speak with our parenting time attorney.

Understanding Child Visitation and the Role of Our Nashville Visitation Lawyer

Visitation rules outline when, where, and how a non-custodial parent can spend time with or enjoy temporary custody of an otherwise non-custodial child. Visitation can be granted to others beyond these two parties as well, such as grandparents or step-parents, but visitation rules are primarily concerned with child time for a parent who is not the primary caretaker of the child.

It is generally accepted as a fact that, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as abuse or neglect, it is beneficial for children to have some form of access to and time with both their biological parents. Visitation helps parents who are not granted custody of their child to maintain a relationship with them and have regular time during which they can spend nurturing a relationship with their child.

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Our Nashville visitation lawyer can help you as a biological parent to request visitation rights for your child after you are involved in divorce, parentage, or custody proceedings with the child’s other parent. The court will use a number of criteria to determine your visitation rights, so our parenting time attorney will try to make as strong a case for you as possible by demonstrating:

  • The strong emotional ties between you and the child;
  • Your interest and positive attitude toward your child;
  • How it would be beneficial to the child to continue maintaining a relationship with you;
  • Your clean record;
  • How willing you are to arrive at a plan that is in the best interest of the child.

Within this context, our Nashville visitation lawyer can help you gather the evidence required to prove the points above and outline to the court how maintaining your visitation rights (or amending the amount of time you have been awarded for visitation) is in the overall best interests of your child.

Contact our parenting time attorney today for more information and to learn more about the factors that may apply to your case and what we can do to ensure that you maximize the time you are granted to visit your child.

Brighter Day Law’s Nashville Visitation Lawyer Can Handle Visitation for Grandparents

There are some circumstances in which grandparent visitation rights can be granted to a grandchild. This includes if the child’s biological parents are deceased, in jail, unable to care for the child, or had their rights terminated due to abuse or neglect. This applies even if the biological parents have since divorced or separated. Grandparents can also win visitation rights if the child lived with the grandparent for at least six months over the previous two years.

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It can be exceptionally difficult for a parent to accept terms that seem unfair in a visitation case. In some cases, it can even be difficult to win visitation rights, to begin with. Irrespective of the challenges you face or the issues you have, our Nashville visitation lawyer is here to help.

Remember that the goal of every visitation case is to ensure the welfare of the child while safeguarding the rights of the parents. With relevant experience and deep legal expertise in handling family custody and visitation cases across the state, our parenting time attorney can help you gather evidence and file a petition to maintain visitation rights with your child or have your visitation hours or days amended so that you can maximize the time you spend with your child. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Parenting Time and Visitation Cases

How long is standard visitation in Tennessee?

Standard visitation is usually 285 days for the primary residential parent. This is the parent that has primary custody of and is the primary caregiver of the child. The alternate residential parent is usually awarded 80 days of custody. Bear in mind that the amount of time that is awarded in visitation and/or custody to a parent can have an impact on child support payments made by a parent for a child, so speak with our parenting time attorney to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as you pursue your visitation case.

Can a child choose for themselves not to see a parent?

Children cannot determine custody or visitation themselves, but the court takes the wishes of children over the age of 12 into consideration when making custody and visitation decisions.

Can parents win visitation rights after losing parental rights or giving their child up for adoption?

This may not be possible, since losing or relinquishing parental rights effectively pushes that parent or individual out of the equation as far as having visitation rights and access to a child are concerned.

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