Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Brighter Day Law’s Experienced Divorce Attorney Has a Successful Track Record of Handling Divorce Cases in Chatham, Davidson County, Montgomery County, Sumner County, Robertson County, Williamson County, Wilson County, and Throughout Middle Tennessee

No one gets married thinking they will ever divorce, but the reality is that a large number of marriages end in divorce. That being said, not all divorces occur under harsh or disagreeable circumstances, and many couples voluntarily and amicably choose to end their marriage. Irrespective of these facts, dissolving a marriage and completing divorce proceedings involve many steps. A Nashville divorce lawyer can help you with your case. Whether you need help with gathering evidence, filing paperwork, or completing any of the steps involved in severing your marriage contract, our divorce attorney is here to help. Call us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

A Nashville Divorce Lawyer At Our Firm Can Help You with Every Aspect of Your Divorce Proceedings

Painful as they may be, divorce proceedings are a required part of getting a divorce In Tennessee. On average, a divorce takes about 60 days to complete. Court fees of $302 must also be paid. Only married individuals who have resided in Tennessee for at least six months can file for divorce with the state’s courts.

When you file for divorce, you must intimate to the court the grounds for submitting your filing. Divorces can be filed on either fault or no-fault grounds. As the names suggest, filing for divorce on fault grounds means you hold your spouse responsible for breaking your marriage. There are many ways they may do this, including adultery/infidelity, abuse/cruelty, desertion/abandonment, and addiction. Filing for divorce on no-fault grounds means the filer wants to have a divorce but they do not indicate their spouse as the reason for this decision. They may only indicate “irreconcilable differences” as grounds for filing for divorce, although even such differences are not required before filing for divorce.

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An Experienced Divorce Attorney Will Answer Your Questions and Handle Your Divorce Case from Start to Finish

While undergoing divorce proceedings, you will understandably have a lot to take care of. Leave the heavy lifting to the Nashville divorce lawyer with Brighter DaySM Law. We will help you with all of the relevant steps required to complete your divorce and will do so while protecting your best interests.

For example, splitting marital property in an at-fault divorce can be complex, and the parties involved may become testy or even aggressive during these proceedings. An attorney can act as a mediator and can potentially save you from the often lengthy and costly legal proceedings that come with property disputes in at-fault divorce cases.

Another example is couples who are living apart. Couples who have lived apart for at least two years and do not have any intentions of engaging in marital relationships, living together, or repairing or addressing any issues they may have in their marriage can file for divorce on the grounds of living separately.

There are several other points that people involved in a divorce should be aware of before, during, and after their divorce. For example, there is no mandatory waiting period one must wait before a divorce becomes official, and there is no reason the divorced parties cannot remarry. However, remarriage can affect any alimony payments ordered by the court, so you should be aware of this if you are thinking of remarrying or want to know what might happen to you if you take certain actions after getting divorced.

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Our Divorce Attorney Can Handle Divorce and Annulment Cases for You

A common question our divorce attorney receives is about the differences between a divorce and an annulment and whether a Nashville divorce lawyer is needed or if an annulment will suffice for a given client’s case.

The short answer is that a divorce is the process of ending a legal marriage, whereas an annulment is the process of voiding a marriage so that it is as if the marriage never occurred. Annulments are typically used to end a marriage that was or should not have been valid or legally recognized when it took place. Examples of how such marriages can happen include a marriage being entered into by someone who was incapacitated, intoxicated, underage, or tricked (fraudulently) or forced (coerced) into entering a marriage.

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Filing the right paperwork, gathering evidence (which is especially important for at-fault divorce cases), and effectively covering all potential issues such as child custody, child support, visitation, and marital property distributions can be difficult to do on your own if you are unfamiliar with Tennessee family and divorce law. Contact our Nashville divorce lawyer for assistance with these matters. We have years of experience handling divorce, custody, visitation, and related cases, and our divorce attorney will strive to ensure that you have smooth, fair, and expedient divorce proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions Faced by Brighter Day Law’s Divorce Attorney

Can my spouse prevent me from filing for divorce?

No. Irrespective of whether someone files for divorce on no-fault or at-fault grounds, the other spouse cannot contest such a filing. What they can do, however, is contest the claims of the filing spouse in the case of an at-fault application if they disagree with the grounds presented in the divorce paperwork. If, for example, one spouse claims that the other is abusive or addicted, then the latter may face child custody issues after the divorce. This is why you must speak with a Nashville divorce lawyer before filing for divorce or after receiving notice of divorce from your spouse’s attorneys.

What kinds of potential mistakes or pitfalls can a Nashville divorce lawyer help me avoid?

Everything depends on the specifics of your case, but our divorce attorney will analyze your case to make sure your best interests are protected before, during, and after all divorce proceedings. This includes making you aware of common laws that apply to divorce, preparing the paperwork needed for your case, and representing you during all official proceedings.

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