Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Brighter Day℠ Law’s Experienced Divorce Attorney Has a Successful Track Record of Handling Divorce Cases in Cheatham County, Davidson County, Montgomery County, Sumner County, Robertson County, Williamson County, Wilson County, Rutherford County, and Throughout Middle Tennessee

No one gets married thinking they will ever divorce, but the reality is that over half of marriages end in divorce. That being said, not all divorces result in bitter and stressful litigation. Many couples voluntarily and amicably choose to pursue a civilized and cooperative dissolution. Other couples find themselves having to fight to protect their children or their property, due to the other party’s behavior. Whichever is the case for you, our experienced divorce attorneys have navigated these waters many times and will help you strategize how to maximize your outcome in yours and your family’s best interest. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation.

Our Nashville Divorce Lawyer Can Help You with Every Aspect of Your Divorce Proceeding

Painful as they may be, divorce proceedings are a required part of getting a divorce In Tennessee. We can help you determine if you can pursue a divorce under Tennessee law given the facts and circumstances of your case.

A divorce complaint can be based upon one or more fault grounds or can simply allege that the parties have irreconcilable differences. An attorney should assess and evaluate which approach will be the best strategy for your case.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Will Answer Your Questions and Handle Your Divorce Case from Start to Finish

Leave the heavy lifting to the Nashville divorce lawyers and the staff at Brighter Day℠ Law. We will explain all of the relevant steps required to complete your divorce and will recommend strategies to maximize your results.

One of our goals at Brighter Day℠ Law is to help you navigate through the divorce in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while ensuring that all relevant issues are addressed. In a contested case, it is required that you participate in mediation prior to the final hearing, because it is widely believed that divorces are best resolved by agreement of both parties. Many cases are resolved through the mediation process, but your likelihood of success will be greatly increased if you are properly prepared for mediation and have necessary information in hand.

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In your initial consultation with one of our attorneys, we will gather the facts, explain the process of divorce from start to finish, and begin to develop a strategy to help you through this very difficult life event. We understand that this process is both stressful and regrettable, our team will patiently guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our Divorce Attorney Can Handle Divorce and Annulment Cases for You

A common question our divorce attorneys receive is about the differences between a divorce and an annulment and whether a Nashville divorce lawyer is needed or if an annulment will suffice for a given client’s case.

The short answer is that a divorce is the process of ending a legal marriage, whereas an annulment is the legal process of voiding a marriage so that it is as if the marriage never occurred. Often, a spouse will develop regrets about their marriage and wish to seek an annulment primarily for religious reasons.

Generally speaking, trial courts in Tennessee do not favor annulments and they are difficult to obtain. There are several reasons for this. There is no statutory scheme for annulment. TCA 36-4-119 provides that the court may grant a divorce or pronounce the marriage void from the beginning. Practitioners have to review Tennessee case law for guidance on how to obtain an annulment. Grounds for annulment differ substantially from grounds for divorce in Tennessee. Historically, annulments have only been awarded in the case of serious misconduct by the other spouse or for the same reasons that would void other contracts. Examples of the former would be a secret pregnancy that existed at the time of the marriage, or bigamy. Examples of the latter would include mental incapacity, fraud, or duress. 

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It might be beneficial to obtain an annulment under certain circumstances in order to avoid the payment of alimony or dividing property with the other party. While cases for annulment are rare and often difficult to prove, the attorneys at Brighter Day℠ Law will be glad to assess the facts of your case and determine whether an action for annulment is viable.

Speak with Our Nashville Divorce Lawyer Today and Let Our Divorce Attorney Handle Your Case for You

Choosing the correct court, filing the appropriate paperwork, gathering evidence (which is especially important for contested divorce cases), and effectively covering all potential issues such as child custody, child support, visitation, and marital property distributions can be difficult to do on your own if you are unfamiliar with Tennessee family and divorce law. Contact our Nashville divorce lawyer for assistance with these matters. We have decades of experience in handling divorce, parenting time, visitation, and related cases, and our divorce attorney will strive to ensure that you have smooth, fair, and expedient divorce proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions Faced by Brighter Day℠ Law’s Divorce Attorney

Can my spouse prevent me from filing for divorce?

No. Irrespective of whether someone files for divorce on no-fault or at-fault grounds, the other spouse cannot contest such a filing, unless there is a problem with venue, jurisdiction, or there is a pending suit elsewhere. What they should do, however, is file responsive pleadings in a timely fashion to give the court the other side of the story. This is why you must speak with a Nashville divorce lawyer before filing for divorce or after receiving notice of divorce from your spouse’s attorneys.

What kinds of potential mistakes or pitfalls can a Nashville divorce lawyer help me avoid?

Everything depends on the specifics of your case, but our divorce attorney will analyze your case to make sure your best interests are protected before, during, and after all divorce proceedings. This includes making you aware of behaviors to be avoided or taking care to preserve evidence that might be lost as the case progresses. When any divorce case is filed in Tennessee, an automatic statutory restraining order is issued which must be followed by each spouse. This restraining order covers many areas of the proceeding, such as maintaining existing insurance coverage, preventing an unnecessary increase in debt, and prohibiting moving or hiding assets. Your attorney will explain the import of this order in your first consultation and give you guidance to help you avoid other pitfalls that may damage your case.

Is it okay for me to date other people after the divorce is filed?

Technically, it still constitutes adultery in Tennessee, which is a ground for divorce, to engage in post-petition romantic relations pending a divorce. Therefore, we advise clients to avoid one on one social gatherings when it could be construed as a romantic relationship. It is also important for a client to avoid bringing other adults that may be of a romantic interest around any children of the parties. In the event the case goes to trial because settlement negotiations were unsuccessful, the character and behavior of both parties will be scrutinized by the court, especially in cases where the custody of children are at issue.

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