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Helping Prospective Parents with the Legal Aspects of Creating a Family 

If you’re not a child’s biological parent, but you want to be considered their parent in the eyes of the law, you’ll need to start the adoption process. While this type of legal case can be lengthy and intimidating, the outcome is well worth the effort. This is especially true if you hire an experienced adoption lawyer who will help your case go smoothly.

Our Nashville, TN adoption lawyers have helped countless clients create the family they have always wanted by adopting one or more children. If you’re ready to explore this legal process, call our law firm for an initial consultation with caring attorneys.

What Are the Types of Adoption Cases?

Our legal team has experience with a wide variety of adoption cases in Nashville, so we’re ready to guide you regardless of the circumstances of your situation. In many cases, our clients are married couples or single people hoping to adopt from an adoption agency or foster care organization. In these situations, we’re happy to provide legal assistance to clients, whether they’re interested in international, local, or interstate adoptions.

If you have a specific child you’d like to adopt, we can help with this, too. A common example is stepparent adoptions, where the stepfather or stepmother already knows and loves the child and would like to be legally considered the parent. Similarly, sometimes a grandparent or other family member already provides love and care to a child, and they want the law to recognize their role as the parent.  

Our Nashville adoption lawyers can also help birth parents who need help with the legal elements of giving a child up for a traditional adoption. Whether you’re interested in adopting or want to terminate your parental rights so your child can be adopted, our legal team is here for you. Call our Nashville law office to start your adoption case.

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Who Can Adopt in Tennessee?

It’s essential to ensure you’re considered a prospective adoptive parent. Our lawyers will ensure you meet all the qualifications before you start your case. To adopt in Tennessee, you must be a legal resident of this state. You must also be at least 18 or 21, depending on the type of adoption you’re pursuing.

While most people who plan to adopt are married or in a domestic partnership, this isn’t necessary. Single and divorced people can adopt, as can people in the LGBTQ community. In general, as long as you meet the residency and age requirements, you can adopt.

The next step is undergoing a home study that ensures your home is safe and comfortable for a child. Additionally, you’ll need to show that you’re physically, mentally, and financially stable enough to support a child. Our lawyers can assist with these steps, so contact us for help.

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What Must Occur Before a Child Can Be Adopted?

Before you can adopt a child, the birth parent must agree to terminate their parental rights. In some cases, this is voluntary, such as in the case of a birth mother who plans to give her baby up for adoption at birth. When this occurs, the birth mother will be considered the parent for three days after the birth, at which point she can sign a form surrendering her rights. She will do this in front of a judge and will have ten days to change her mind before the baby is considered adopted. 

Sometimes, one or both parents might refuse to terminate their parental rights. This might occur when a mother decides to give a child up for adoption, but the father refuses to agree to the arrangement. If this happens, you will need legal advice from a skilled adoption attorney if you want a chance to complete the process. Our lawyers can help, so contact our law firm today. 

Are You Ready to Hire Adoption Lawyers in Nashville, TN?

We understand how exciting it can be to start a family through adoption, so we’re eager to assist with your case. Whether you’re looking to adopt a newborn through an open or closed adoption or are a foster parent hoping to adopt, we can provide the legal support you need. 

Nothing is more important than taking the steps to give a child a loving, secure home, and we want to help you do this as soon as possible. That’s why we’re happy to offer you a free initial consultation at our Nashville law office. If you need help understanding the details of adoption law in this state, call Brighter Day℠ Law at (615) 437-8808. 

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