How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer

November 15, 2021

How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer

Now that you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, you must set about finding the best divorce attorney. Unfortunately, finding the best divorce attorney isn’t something you resolve with a simple Google search. Before you settle on a divorce lawyer to oversee your divorce proceeding, don’t leave a single stone unturned.

Divorce lawyers take on many roles throughout your divorce case. Sometimes or all the time, your lawyer will be your advisor, spokesperson, negotiator, and trusted confidant. They need to know the law and should be able to explain the legal process to you clearly, with no condescension. You must find the best divorce lawyer for you. One who is personable, knowledgeable, and approachable.

How Do I Find the Best Divorce Lawyer?

Keep the following criteria in mind when looking for the best divorce attorney in Colorado:

  • Do your homework. Just like any other important decision in your life, you must go into the divorce process with your eyes open and you should be well-informed. You don’t want to hire a divorce attorney to represent, only to discover midway you need to change your divorce attorney. You should consider how long each divorce lawyer has practiced divorce and family law. The longer a divorce attorney has practiced family law, the more skilled they will be in bringing your case to a positive resolution.
  • Know what you want. Before you settle on a divorce attorney, ask yourself what you hope to get from them. Are you looking for an impersonal but focused lawyer? Or are you looking for an emotionally supportive attorney? Are you looking for one-on-one personal experience or a team experience? Define what you want in your legal representation.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family members. If you know a friend or a family member who has been through a divorce, reach out to them and ask for advice. Also, ask them for suggestions on what attorney they worked with and how it went for them.
  • Ask the right questions. When interviewing an attorney, don’t waste time asking about their experience because this is information you should have gathered from your research. Explain to the potential divorce lawyer about your family, your finances, and your concerns about the divorce. And then ask them what’s the probable outcome of various issues in your divorce case and what they can do to get a favorable outcome for you.
  • Make sure they stay in touch. Divorce lawyers are busy people, but this doesn’t mean that your call or email shouldn’t be responded to as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t feel ignored or that your divorce lawyer is too busy that they don’t have time for your case. If your attorney doesn’t return calls or emails, this is a sign they’re more interested in your money, not your divorce case.
  • Trust your gut. Once you have done your due diligence and research, there’s also something to be said about first impressions. And depending on the first impressions with potential attorneys, you should pay attention to this factor too. If something feels off, listen to your gut feeling and respond accordingly. The odds are you’ll know the right lawyer for your case when you meet them. Don’t let an Armani suit or plaques on the wall dissuade you from your first instinct, which is usually right.

Can You Use the Same Attorney for divorce?

The short is “no.” You and your spouse can’t use the same attorney for your divorce. That’s because the professional rules of conduct governing lawyers prohibit them from representing both spouses in a divorce. This would create a conflict of interest for the lawyer because your interests, rights, and needs in divorce differ from your spouse’s. A single attorney can’t ethically give good legal counsel to two parties in adverse positions.

Although some couples opt to use a single lawyer to draw up divorce paperwork, legally that attorney only represents one spouse. So, if your spouse has already hired an attorney to prepare divorce paperwork or a settlement agreement, you must seek legal advice from your own attorney before signing anything.

What Do Lawyers Do in a Divorce?

Divorce is an emotional process, a divorce lawyer helps make it less stressful. A divorce lawyer can talk to you about factors that will affect your future, including spousal support, child custody, and child support so that you’re more focused on moving forward with your life.

Also, a divorce attorney can act as the go-between for you and your spouse, which can help you avoid personal contact to make the process easier.

During the division of property, a divorce lawyer can make sure that his or her client discloses all assets. Often, in marriages, one spouse handles financial matters and the other spouse may not be aware of the couple’s assets and debts. A divorce attorney can help gather records and locate assets and liabilities so that the divorce settlement addresses these matters properly.

A lawyer can explain to you how property is divided upon the end of a marriage. Each party might have separate property they brought into the marriage. Other spouses may have amassed wealth separately, as per the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. A divorce attorney can explain to you whether the state is an equitable distribution or community property state. This can make a tremendous difference in the distribution of marital property.

Often, handling the family debt is more tumultuous than dividing assets. Both spouses might be legally responsible for the joint debt. However, there are many instances where one spouse is held financially responsible for the debt. A divorce lawyer helps determine how you can protect yourself from debt that’s attributed to your partner.

A divorce lawyer can also help determine if you’re is entitled to alimony or might be required to pay it. Alimony may be ordered when spouses have diverse incomes or when one party sacrificed their career to advance the other spouse’s or to care for the children.

Further, a divorce attorney helps couples develop a parenting plan that works for both parents and address the children’s needs.

To get divorced, you must submit formal papers to a family law judge for approval. An attorney can help you prepare these papers and respond to your spouse’s divorce petition. A family lawyer can also help you negotiate a divorce settlement regarding marital assets and debts.

Finally, a family law attorney can litigate your divorce case if necessary. Litigation may help you resolve disputes regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support in the event of a contested divorce.

Dealing with family law matters, such as divorce, can be overwhelming. Thus, it’s crucial to have a family law lawyer on your side who is familiar with Colorado laws and how to get things done to protect your rights and interests. If you are looking for the best divorce attorney in Colorado, the divorce attorneys at Brighter Day℠ Law are ready to help you get an outcome that’s favorable to you and your children. With decades of experience in divorce and family law, we have the knowledge and skills to offer the most aggressive and compassionate legal representation possible.

Whether you’re involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, contact our Colorado Springs family law firm today at 719-733-9129, or chat with us online for a free initial consultation.

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