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October 18, 2021

There are hundreds of couples who settle their divorce cases amicably every year in Colorado. Divorce is a painful and expensive process for many. Still, if a couple can settle their divorce through the help of a 3rd party, which is the mediator, they will be able to save on cost.

The mediation fee is smaller compared to divorce cases that proceed to court. For cases where couples would prefer the services of divorce mediation attorneys, we are ready to help. For most Colorado Springs courts, mediation has to be done before couples start the traditional court process. When both parties cannot agree on a fair deal, they proceed to court, and each party hires a divorce attorney.

The benefits of mediation in Colorado Springs are numerous. Aside from the fact that it is a cheaper process, both you and your partner will leave the relationship on good terms and can be able to settle child custody issues without involving your children in the proceedings.

We have lawyers who have gone through conflict coaching. They have taken a 40-hour comprehensive mediation training program. They are ready to help you as a couple settle any significant issues involving your divorce. We know what the power of mediation lawyers who care can do for your family. We care, and we would love to help. Reach out and talk to us.

The Kinds of Cases That Are Acceptable For Mediation in Colorado Springs

Cases that involve non-criminal matters can be brought before a mediator. Also, cases that have not resulted in any manner of physical violence and only involve verbal abuse can be reconciled with a mediator’s help. Cases that do not really need to result in a lawsuit and are not legal issues like your neighbor’s bright lights can be solved with a mediator’s help.

Most mediation cases will solve cases that revolve around divorce and other issues. They can also work on cases involving business partners, tenants, management, and people you encounter in your day-to-day lives.

A Brighter Day℠, we are experts in mediation. When you seek a family law mediator, here are some cases that they can help you solve.

Seek mediation services from a family law mediator to help you with the above family matters. You can call us at Brighter Day℠, speak to our Colorado Springs divorce attorneys, and book an appointment with us.

Who Benefits From Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is meant to help couples to be able to talk out issues about divorce peacefully. A mediator’s presence is supposed to help with any conflict resolution that may arise during the mediation process. They also encourage the couple to openly communicate and work together towards resolving all issues about the divorce. To be able to do this, the mediator acts as a neutral party.

When a divorce occurs, it is not only the couple that suffers. Children and other parties involved in their lives during their marriage get affected as a result of the separation. Here are some of the people who get affected.

The children

It is a massive adjustment for children living with their parents to learn that they will no longer live with their parents anymore. If some of the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with, they may separate from their siblings. Sometimes during the divorce, they may be called upon to talk in court, and the situation can mess with their emotional health.

The In-laws

They were used to visiting the couple or seeing the kids frequently, but things have changed after the couple separates. Due to the visitation times, they have agreed upon, they may not see the children as frequently as they used to.

The community and friends

When the couple was together, they spent time with similar friends within the community. After parting ways, they no longer do that. Friends may feel like they need to pick sides, which is confusing for everyone.

Even with everyone getting affected when they see the couple able to work through the divorce process to come to an amicable agreement through mediation, they are all at peace. They can offer their support easily.

How Much Does Mediation Cost In Colorado?

During divorce mediation, the mediation divorce attorney will ask to speak to the couple individually to access them both separately and hear both sides of the story. After the mediator has a one-on-one meeting with them separately, they sit before the mediator together.

Mediation is affordable. A mediation session in Colorado will cost you roughly $150 per hour as a couple. The entire process can cost you approximately $750, and it varies depending on how long it will take. Mediation can take a couple of hours or days, depending on how long the couple agrees, in which case the rate will increase.

Some mediators will calculate the mediator time the sessions will take and then give you a flat fee mediations deal. However, Mediation cost is lower in Colorado compared to other places.

Things You Should Not Say During A Mediation

For the mediation process to work, both couples have to be ready to agree with one another. Mediation sessions should involve both you and your spouse. For all things to go smoothly as expected, you need to sensor what you say. It is essential to communicate openly, but be selective of the words you use. This way, you will not end up straying away from the plan.

Here are some of the things that you want to avoid saying during a mediation session.

Telling the other Party That It is All Their Fault

The opening lines you use and the words you choose to use in the early stages of mediation sets the pace for what you are doing. If you use hostile words, you will end up getting the other party angry, and you will not be able to achieve what you had set out to do. You do want to appear confident about yourself and what you are saying. Still, it is important to make sure that you do it respectfully. Weigh your words before you say them, and do not be carried away by your emotions.

Saying That You Have New Information That Will Change the Direction If the Case

The only way mediation will work is to have an open channel of communication with the other party. Discuss every piece of new information with them and do not bring in further information without discussing it with the other party. When you catch them off guard, they may have an adverse effect than the one you expected, and it may ruin the whole agenda.

Going Against What You Had Agreed Upon

If you had discussed and agreed about a particular sum of money, you do not want to go back with a counteroffer and say that you need less or more. If, for some reason, you feel that the initial amount you are going is not enough, discuss it with your partner before and explain to them why you think you need more.

Mediation needs to have two parties ready to work it out without giving room to unresolvable disputes. That is why it is essential to leave aggression out of the mediation room and give dialogue a chance. Also, consider having a neutral mediator who is skilled in conflict resolution.

At Brighter Day℠ Law, we have the legal experience necessary to help. We have couples who did not want to take it to court and instead preferred using our conflict management services. They ended up saving thousands of dollars and coming to an amicable agreement. Let our experienced divorce mediation attorney help you solve your civil dispute as well. 

Contact us and let the family law mediators over at Brighter Day℠ assist you with the mediation process!

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